Create a life more beautiful

than your brand

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Hi, I'm Katie.

I'm a wife, mother and aspiring homesteader. I also publish Cottage Hill and coach creatives. And in that order. Why?

I believe in Creating a life more beautiful than your brand.

Let's get back to making our business work for us, and not the other way around. 

Let's get back to the work and create things that actually excite us. 

Let's step away from the perfect social media feeds, and live a life that we love that doesn't need the applause of others.

Are you with me? 



How I Accomplished the Impossible...

And you can too!

Four years ago, I sat down at my kitchen counter and decided to make a magazine. Inspired by my family, and named after a road in my hometown, I got to work on Cottage Hill

Despite the odds of print publications dying, despite having no credibility, or money, despite having no idea what I was doing, I dropped the drama of fear and focused on my why.

What happened?

We successfully published four print issues that were distributed nationally and internationally. One issue won an award. Two, almost three now, completely sold out. 

We doubled our following.

And we doubled our income every year.

Now, I lead creative entrepreneurs (LIKE YOU!) through the hard heart issues of running a business and making good work. I help creatives make real money, simplify systems and find joy in their work again so that they can get back to that thing their business is supposed to support—their life!

Does that sound good to you? We should work together.

How to Pursue an Impossible Dream

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